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Gene editing and the integrity of the genetic identity — are new legal tools required?

First published on Medium by Anastasios A. Antoniou  Mutagenesis is a set of techniques allowing the modification of the genome of a living organism without the insertion of foreign DNA. Emerging mutagenesis techniques include gene editing through clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (“CRISPR”).[1] Cas9 is an enzyme that uses CRISPR sequences as a guide […]

EU adopts temporary State aid rules for the COVID-19 outbreak

With a view to containing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the EU economy, the European Commission adopted temporary State aid measures (the “Temporary Framework”), to increase the flexibility of Member states in supporting their national economies. This is not an unprecedented step, as the Commission had adopted a Temporary Framework in 2008, in response […]

Agreement reached on EU Crowdfunding Regulation

The Council and the European Parliament reached agreement in late 2019 on the European Commission’s proposal for a crowdfunding regulation. The proposed legislation will apply to European Crowdfunding Service Providers for crowdfunding campaigns of up to 5 million euro, calculated over a period of 12 months per project owner. The financial return model is either […]

Freezing cryptoassets

The paradigm shift promised by blockchain-driven ecosystems is heavily reliant on the irreversibility of on-chain transactions. Immutability does not, however, negate the possibility of the transaction being the result of fraud or a breach of the contractual arrangement to which it purports to implement. It is therefore only inevitable that we should be actively considering […]

EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum releases report on the legal and regulatory framework of blockchains and smart contracts

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum publishes its 6th report, titled Legal and regulatory framework of blockchains and smart contracts. The report provides an overview of legal issues as they pertain to blockchain technology, and in particular issues that arise due to the decentralised nature of many blockchain-based platforms. The report assesses legal implications of […]

EU Regulation on Screening of Foreign Direct Investment

Background EU institutions have completed the co-legislative lifecycle for the text of the regulation on the screening of foreign direct investment into the EU (the “Regulation“).   The Regulation comes at a critical point, seeing as the EU is the main destination for foreign direct investment (“FDI“) globally, with €6 295 billion of foreign investment […]

Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data in the EU adopted

The European Parliament has adopted the Regulation on the Free Flow of Non-Personal Data in the European Union (the “Regulation“) which was already provisionally adopted by the Council of the EU. Seen as a major building block of the Digital Single Market of the EU, the Regulation aims to safeguard the free flow of non-personal […]

Bridging the divide between code and law in distributed ledger ecosystems

Anastasios A. Antoniou, partner at Antoniou McCollum & Co. revisits the divide between code and law through the prism of blockchain technology.  This article was first published as a post on Oxford Business Law Blog. Code and law have been entangled in a silent tension ever since the advent of cyberspace.  The centralised architecture of […]

EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum releases first report ‘Blockchain Innovation in Europe’

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, an initiative of the European Commission, in which Anastasios Antoniou, partner at Antoniou McCollum & Co. participates as a member of the policy and framework working group, has released its first report titled ‘Blockchain and Innovation in Europe’. The ‘Blockchain and Innovation in Europe’ paper examines the state of blockchain […]

European Commission appoints AMC partner to EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum

We are delighted with the appointment of Anastasios A. Antoniou, co-founding partner of Antoniou McCollum & Co., to the Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions Working Group of the European Commission’s EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum. The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is an EU initiative to accelerate blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain […]
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