EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum releases report on the legal and regulatory framework of blockchains and smart contracts

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum publishes its 6th report, titled Legal and regulatory framework of blockchains and smart contracts.

The report provides an overview of legal issues as they pertain to blockchain technology, and in particular issues that arise due to the decentralised nature of many blockchain-based platforms. The report assesses legal implications of different kinds of smart contracts.

These include smart legal contracts, which are smart contracts on a blockchain that represent – or that would like to represent – a legal contract as well as smart contracts with with legal implications, which are artefacts/constructs based on smart technology that clearly have legal implications, for instance in the form of digital assets, or decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) or other kinds of autonomous agents.

Our firm’s partner, Anastasios A. Antoniou, contributed to the authoring of this report as a WG member of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

Download the report


The EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum is an initiative sponsored by the European Commission, Directorate-General of Communications Networks, Content & Technology.  All copyright to the report linked above and the image used in this post rests with the EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum.